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Hibernate on Debian with LVM ond LUKS

For some time I was looking for a solution to a strange problem:

My Laptop has an encrypted partition which contains two logical volumes: root and swap. According to the well-known practice I added the parameter resume=/path/to/swap to /etc/default/grub. Suspend worked, but the system did not resume. Even dmesg did not give any useful information. Actully it did not report that it tried to resume from somewhere. Some time passed reading lots of websites about setting up LVM on LUKS using kernel parameters without notable success.

Debuging errors in startup code in Linux

Recently I got a Korg M1. When you have a synthesizer like that you want to have a good librarian that helps you organizing your sounds, have a big sound library and so on. A quick research brought nothing helpful. So I decieded to give Ctrlr a try. The downloaded Linux version did not work as I have newer binutils installed and libbfd has no stable ABI.

HOWTO change the UUID and or label of a FAT/vfat partition on Linux.

In many forums and wikis the recommended way of changing the uuid of a fat partition involves dd and a hex editor.

However the easy way is to use mtools. Let's suppose we want to change the UUID of a fat partition on /dev/sda1.
As a first step we have a look at the UUIDs of the different file systems:

> blkid
/dev/sda1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" LABEL="boot" UUID="4059-33BB" TYPE="vfat"

Colours of wxWidgets

wxWidgets provides a global colour database (wxTheColourDatabase). Unfortunately the documentation doesn't show the colors for an easy selection. The following code extracts the definitions from wx/common/gdicmn.cpp and converts them into HTML:

sed -e 's;^\s*{wxT("\([^"]*\)"),\([^\}]*\)\},?;<span style="color: rgb(\2)">\1</span><br />;' gdicmn.cpp |grep '<span' > colors.html

Debian, ALSA, Linux und bluetooth

I finally found some website that allowed me to configure bluez to work both as alsa and as pulseaudio device. My Bluetooth audio device is now working. The main hint comes from this post:

I didn't check everything by now, but the most important hint seems to be #2, that told me to add


to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf instead of the disable option.

Additionally I put the following contents into /etc/asound.conf:

Enable logging in Jabref

Recently, I started to fix some issues in the Bibsonomy JabRef plugin. As debugging is not possible if you don't get any information about what's going on, I tried to enable logging. According to the Bibsonomy website the plugin uses Log4J for logging. But I was unable to change the console output of JabRef. I simply didn't accept my


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