LaTeX package, which will be useful for writing some personal and possessive pronouns in German serial letters.

It provides three types of macros:

  1. \dudef{anrede} defines, which form of the address (Du, Ihr, Sie; starting everytimes or only sometimes with a capital letter) will be used until the next \dudef.
  2. Macros for personal an possessive pronouns for the addressed person. The first argument is the case (Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ, Akkusativ) as a number, for possessive pronouns there exists also a second and a third argument, which define the gender and the number in form of the first letter of the German or Latin name.
  3. Two additional macros \dusieihr with six and \DuSieIhr with three arguments, which allow arbitrary choices in dependence from the defined form of the address. The first three arguments are reserved for addresses which everytimes start with a capital letter and the others for those which can start with a small letter (Order: Du, Sie, Ihr, du, sie, ihr).

Installation: Just copy it to a suited place in your LaTeX tree or into the same directory, where LaTeX will be run. dutest.tex is a test file for testing the first two macro types.

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