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LATEX is a typesetting system. This meens it is a system to make texts ready to print. It is widely distributes especially in sciences around mathematics. Unlike usual word processors it is well-suited for typesetting mathematical formulae. LATEX documents are written in a special format like HTML or Wiki. This source code is translated by a computer to the final output.

Besides the other packages published here, I have produced the following:

Document classes

tsdiplom Class with my personal preferences
based on Koma-Skript
tudmathposter Poster class and beamer style for the corporate design of TU Dresden. Both are developed on the basis of existing document classes, but have been undertaken a major revision in order to fix bugs and design issues.


Christmas tree

LaTeX package, which can be uses to format your Christmas letters in form of a Christmas tree.

The package provides a macro \baum[segments]{rows}{top} which typesets the following paragraph in the form of a fir tree with segments (default: 3) segments in the crown of the tree, which has a height of rows rows. For optical reasons the top element top gets a special consideration.

Needed packages:


LaTeX package, which will be useful for writing some personal and possessive pronouns in German serial letters.

It provides three types of macros:


LaTeX package for usage of character protruding.


  • Support for arbitrary font encodings at one time
  • T2A- and OT2 font encodings
  • Reorganisation of the .dtx file regarding
    .cpa files

Decompression: unzip
Documentation: see README file


The Tonnetz is a geometrical representation for a bunch of tone systems. Here, a small LaTeX package is provided that can draw it..

It can be used in the following way: