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.cex tools

is a collection of small C++ programs to work with files created by Concept Explorer.

Mutabor – the dynamically tempered piano

Currently, Mutabor is the largest of the projects specified here. It is a software, which permits to retune MIDI instruments dynamically. Thus phenomena are attainable also for classical key instruments, which were accessible for choirs, violins, trombones and similar instruments only.


is a small and easy to use MIDI monitor. Once started it will create two virtual MIDI ports. One for reading and one for writing. These ports can be connected to and from any other ALSA MIDI port on Linux systems or — if it works on Mac too — on MAC OS X systems. Internally the MIDI messages are forwarded from the input (RtMidi input) to the output (RtMidi output) port and displayed in clear text on standard output.

For Debian users: Sources and Sarge .debs I put here:


LATEX is a typesetting system. This meens it is a system to make texts ready to print. It is widely distributes especially in sciences around mathematics. Unlike usual word processors it is well-suited for typesetting mathematical formulae. LATEX documents are written in a special format like HTML or Wiki. This source code is translated by a computer to the final output.

Bits and pieces

Some programs which did't get their own pages, as they are too small or too old.

As time is passing I was developping some pieces of software. Here you can explore some of my creations.