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Debian, ALSA, Linux und bluetooth

I finally found some website that allowed me to configure bluez to work both as alsa and as pulseaudio device. My Bluetooth audio device is now working. The main hint comes from this post:

I didn't check everything by now, but the most important hint seems to be #2, that told me to add


to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf instead of the disable option.

Additionally I put the following contents into /etc/asound.conf:

MPlayer, ALSA und viele Soundkarten

Wenn MPlayer die zweite Soundkarte ansteuern soll, muss man den Mixer extra angeben. Allerdings ist die Manpage etwas undeutlich, worum es sich handelt. Folgendes hat bei mir in .mplayer/config


oder alternativ auf der Kommandozeige:

mplayer -ao=alsa:device=hw=1,0 -mixer=hw:1 URL
RSS - ALSA abonnieren